Data Platform Maturity: 10-Days Workshop

Onex Group

Workshop to analyze your Azure Data Platform and build an improvement roadmap

Many organizations are facing challenges with proper data governance and integration from many different sources. Once you deal with multiple sales channels you need immediate insight from your data assets.

Book our workshop to verify your Data Platform setup and bring it to parity with your business perspective and requirements. This consultation service has been arranged into a series of workshops.

Workshop agenda:

  • Day 1: To Inspire: We will invite all interested parties to show the possibilities with current data services available on Microsoft Azure, everything based on our recent implementations and case studies.
  • Day 2 - 3: To Assess business expectations about Data Platform within your organization and define a list of business-oriented use cases.
  • Day 4 - 5: To Assess IT expectations and evaluate architecture, security, and networking around your data assets.
  • Day 6 - 9: To Summarize: This is time for us to do the homework. Based on information we receive from you during the assessments, we will define the "To-Be" state, data strategy for entire organization with architecture, and a roadmap for further development including business-oriented use cases.
  • Day 10: To Summarize: Executive presentation with a Data Platform strategy, including the business perspective.

Additionally, you will receive extremely useful documentation to keep your data assets secure and ready for future requirements!