Optimize Your Azure Environment: 3-Day Workshop

PC Connection, Inc.

A 3-day workshop to help your org understand how to optimize your current Azure environment which can ultimately improve performance, operational management and efficiency.

There are many ways to get started optimizing your current Azure environment which can include reviewing your Azure architecture against the reference architectures by Microsoft and uncovering areas of improvement by leveraging PaaS, Automation and/or other Azure-native tools available within the platform.

Connection offers Azure Optimization Services to help you understand findings and recommendations on how to improve your existing Azure environment. 

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1: Connection will review the following areas within your existing Azure environment: 
  • Performance History 
  • Current IaaS Architecture 
  • Current Operational Management and Security Controls
Day 2:  Connection will compile a Findings and Recommendations Report for Azure Optimization
Day 3:  Connection will provide findings and make recommendations to your organization in the following optimization areas through demonstration and presentation-based review: 
  1. Machine right-sizing adjustments to improve performance 
  2. Refactoring to Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS to refocus your staff’s attention to the applications and services you develop rather than the underlying application infrastructure, middleware and software licenses 
  3. Configuring Azure Automation services to improve efficiency in your Azure environment 
  4. Configuring Azure-native toolsets such as, Azure Monitor, Azure Advisor and Azure Security Center to improve operational management of the environment