Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub reporting: 6 Week - Discovery

Peak Indicators Limited

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub reporting solution to empower social worker teams to make important data-driven decisions quickly, helping some of the most vulnerable people in society

Peak Indicators (now TPXimpact Data & Insights) is a part of a digital transformation company on a mission to build a future where people, places and the planet are supported to thrive. This solution removes barriers to data sharing between departments within a LocalGov organisation, whilst ensuring highly sensitive data is kept secure and accessible to only authorised individuals

What's the problem?

  • The largest challenge was sharing sensitive data between departments due to the data silos that existed - resulting in manual, complex and time consuming tasks.
  • The Social Worker teams were struggling when analysing concerns across: -- Numbers and types of enquiries -- Performance of the team -- Themes/patterns in cases raised
  • The MASH team within the Children’s Social Care Department were also struggling to easily access the monthly Annex A report required for Ofsted.

The team needed an automated solution to save time and effort, so that they could concentrate on data analysis, making decisions quickly and find information about vulnerable people when it’s needed the most, reducing safeguarding issues.

Here’s how it works:

  • We built a Data Lake in Azure with end-to-end automation, covering data ingestion, transformation, modelling and visualisation in Power BI - removing manual processes and saving the team time
  • We also made sure that historical data was loaded in the solution - to provide a full picture of vulnerable children.
  • These reports & dashboards were designed in collaboration with the Social Care team to include key KPIs for MASH reporting based on the users' needs and aims - improving adoption across the council
  • We then ensured access was for authorised individuals only, enabling users to easily and securely share and access sensitive data across departments

What's the impact?

  • The solution reduces data silos and increases collaboration between departments, by enabling them to share sensitive data quickly and securely
  • The end-to-end automation removes the manual overhead giving time back each day to the Social Care teams, enabling them to concentrate on analysing the data and helping vulnerable people when they need it most.
  • The solution has empowered the Social Care team, giving them access to the right data at the right time, including access to critical regulatory reports (such as Annex A) - allowing them to make data driven decisions quickly.
  • Data can now be securely shared and accessed across departments, resulting in Social Workers and all users of this data are saving hours each day and freeing them up to focus on what’s important.

This solution is perfect for:

  • Social Care Workers
  • Education & Social Care departments

Products Responsible:

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Power BI