Azure AKS: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Perficient Inc

We bring the Kubernetes, you bring the app. This two week proof of concept results in the deployment of one existing application onto Azure AKS to demonstrate the power of AKS for your organization.

Modernize your application with the power of managed Kubernetes on Azure

Let Perficient show you the power of Kubernetes on Azure. We will help migrate one of your applications into a cloud-native, container-based deployment. Over the course of two weeks, Perficient will take one of your applications and convert it into a containerized environment. With the help of your engineers, Perficient will deploy a development environment with your modernized application and POC the benefits and concepts that come with moving to this cutting edge technology.

Adding speed, flexibility, reliability, scalability, to your business and reducing cost and workforce overhead is only some of the benefits of Kubernetes on Azure. The managed Kubernetes offering from Azure gives your organization the power to modernize/migrate your application with ease while automating most of the infrastructure needs required to run your applications. Empower your teams to deliver on your enterprise needs without sacrificing reliability, security, stability, and scalability.

With the help of your development team and engineers, Perficient will package your application into Docker containers and prepare it for deployment in Azures Kubernetes Service. Together will move your application to an Azures Kubernetes Service development environment for proof of concept testing. Perficient will work throughout this process to ensure your team understands what is being deployed and demonstrated.

At the end of this two-week engagement, your team will have a working POC version of your application and a much better understanding of why Kubernetes is taking enterprise application development to the next level.

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