Data Accelerator Essentials: 4WK Implementation


Our packaged offering includes everything you need to get you started with Power BI. Enable your organisation to be up and running with a working Power BI and Data Platform solution within a month.

Quickly unlock the power of your data and get powerful insights for your business with the Phoenix Software's Data Accelerator – Essential level.

If you are an organisation looking to kick start your journey with Microsoft Power BI and Azure Data Services, Phoenix Software's Data Accelerator will get you up and running fast. 

You may well have data stored in on-premise data sources or cloud based systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Google Analytics, or Azure SQL server. Power BI allows you to quickly access the data and deliver insights for your business.  

Our packaged offering is a great introduction to Data and Insights and includes everything you need to get you started, enabling your organisation to have a working Data solution within a month.  

Our Essentials level provides everything you need to get started

  • implemented in less than a month and at a low budget.
  • Bespoke design
  • Build of a Power BI model
  • Installing, configuring & connecting your on-premise or cloud data sources
  • Configuration of Azure Data Services
  • Build of required reports & dashboards

Training is available as an additional option.

We also have a Custom level, a service that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, with options ranging from traditional support models right the way through to complete Software-as-a-Service delivery of your data requirements.