Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: 6-Wk POC

Practical Solutions, Inc

Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing PSI’s professional services to quickly unlock the full scope of Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing PSI's professional services to quickly unlock the full scope of Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

This offer highlights the best practices and key values of the Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and how this proof of concept will be beneficial for your business. The engagement will consist of the following tasks. These services will be performed collaboratively between PSI and Customer.

  • Collection of information from the customer to understand their current goals
  • Identification of key opportunities within the larger infrastructure and business to implement Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Architectural Design sessions with customer to plan environment, deployment and forecast costs
  • Creation of Architecture Diagrams and Migration/Implementation plans for the initial Proof of Concept deployment for evaluating Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Assist and support customer with initial deployment efforts
  • PSI will generate an Executive Summary report based on above analysis, highlighting key opportunities and recommendations aligned to the partner's goals related to Windows Virtual Desktop and to include Architecture diagrams and Migration/Implementation plans

Outcomes and Offer Deliverables include:

  • In-depth understanding of the client’s goals
  • Identifying opportunity areas
  • Developing a roadmap and financial forecast
  • Concept deployment to evaluate Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Assistance and proof of concept running in Azure Windows Virtual Desktop


During a discovery call we will identify and validate your specific requirements and objectives. We will then work to secure the appropriate funding on your behalf. As with all customer funding programs, they are available on a first come, first serve basis.