Cloud Governance: 10-Weeks assessment

Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas SRL

Governance and financial management for the cloud data center

The Cloud Governance solution is included in the Continuous Consulting Service. Ongoing consulting services will provide you with access to the Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas consulting team and a specialist will be assigned as a point of contact to work on related technologies. Within the term of this service, the assigned consultant will assist you in solving problems, as well as in planning and executing proactive tasks.

With the Governance and financial management solution for the data center, we will help you to use your company's services more efficiently, acquiring the best advice, cost savings and optimization of your resources, by migrating your data to a scenario of Azure.

Azure Financial Management is a solution that makes it easier for customers to purchase services and to achieve efficient documentation in contract management in Azure. This process ranges from billing, cost center and subscriptions, in addition Azure Financial Management performs an analysis of all the prices and uses of services in its clients businesses, with the aim of providing a budget analysis in relation to the use of each one.

It uses native tools like OMS, Power BI, and Azure Cost Management, reduces infrastructure costs and offers data migration to the cloud and provides budget analysis in relation to the use of services.