Fellowmind - Azure Migration: 4 weeks Assessment

Fellowmind Denmark A/S

Analyze your infrastructure for migration readiness and discover which systems and workloads would benefit by beeing migrated to Microsoft Azure.

Fellowmin has developed a complete Azure migration process based on Microsoft Best Practices and data collected during other migration projects to streamline the migration experience end to end. The first phase is the “migration assessment” and is used to create a high-level plan for which systems or services have dependencies of each other and are candidates for migration.

The migration assessment consists of 5 steps:

Azure Migrate implementation Implementation of Azure Migrate in the infrastructure which collects data for 14 days.

High-level categorization, and classification of all systems Based on the data from Azure Migrate a categorization and classification of the systems are done in collaboration with the customer.

Initial rightsizing and operations estimate Based on knowledge from data collected from other migration projects and our experience the systems goes through a rightsizing for storage, memory and compute requirements.

Detailed analysis of Top 10 candidates for migration Top 10 migration candidates are chosen based on the requirements from the customer and a detailed migration and operations cost are estimated.

Presentation Presentation of all the findings during the process including the top 10 candidates and a full operations estimate for all servers in the on-premises infrastructure.

Agenda The assessment consists of the following workshops and deliverables

• ½ day workshop, defining customer requirements and implemententing the Azure Migrate. • Full day workshop, classifying and catagorizing the workloads. • ½ day workshop, reporting findings.

The deliverables for the offer is a presentation and the rightsized data collection and operations estimates on a per server basis. Due to variables such as the size and complexity of your environment more than the specified time may be needed at additional costs.

Engagement can be delivered remotely for the stated costs, or at your site for the listed consulting costs plus the cost of travel.