Customer Experience Accelerator

Productive Edge

Allow business teams to assess whether a product or service provides enough value to the business, its customers, and ecosystem partners to bring to market.

The Customer Experience Accelerator is an 8 week fixed cost engagement that will work to align your digital product ambitions and identify market fit & customer needs through four phases on Microsoft Azure. Through a series of workshops, we help take you through all the stages of development, from strategy to execution on Azure. Starting with strategy, we will align various stakeholders to expand on the product idea through market testing strategy, target audience, and research participant recruitment on Azure. We help you design high-fidelity clickable prototypes to demonstrate the future-state solution and collect feedback from usability testing to validate whether or not the target audience is able to easily use, understand, and find value in the product on Azure. Finally, we work with IT stakeholders to align on technologies required for implementation, including Microsoft Azure, enabling solution development, scale across the organization, while addressing customer needs on Azure. The deliverables from this accelerator include: a Proof of Value Report; a market research report & recommendations; a user research report & recommendations; information on the value & benefits the product provides to the business and customers; how the product addresses market needs & differentiates the client; a high-fidelity clickable prototype; and a high-level solution architecture for Microsoft Azure.