CheckBot Image Recognition: 8-weeks Implementation


This is an application which enables companies to automate and scale process of data extraction from physical documents such as CNH, RH, CPF and any other pre-defined documents through API.

This application is available only in Portuguese-Brazil Programmers CheckBot Image Recognition is a cloud-based application to extract information automaticaly of physical documents. In 8 weeks, we customize our engines to generate the best results for your content, through the reading and recognition of images of physical documents, such as RG, CNH, CPF, address voucher and many other documents. The Programmers CheckBot Image Recognition validates the information sent by generating greater security for the processes performed digitally. It can be used for automating the process of new customers onboard and transaction validation for any industry such as financial market, manufacturing and retail. The solution is deployed the customer’s Azure Environment, the framework uses Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage, Azure Queues, Azure Blob Storage and Azure App Service. The solution provides an API end-point that can be consumed be any platform. Combining Programmer’s expertise and Azure the customer gets a scalable, resilient and secure solution. The price may vary for the type of document and the complexity of the information that need to be extracted, contact us to get the estimate cost for your project.

Agenda: •Week 1: Planning •Week 2: Planning •Week 3: Scope Definition •Week 4: Proof of concept execution •Week 5: Proof of concept execution •Week 6: Development •Week 7: Development •Week 8: Finalization