Azure DevOps for Data - 2 Day workshop


Your data developers don’t need to fear DevOps. We teach you how to automate your Data deployments via Azure DevOps and a CI/CD process, working with you to develop a road map for your data in DevOps.

Are your data developers left in the dark on the power of DevOps? From creating entirely new environments with Infrastructure/Configuration as Code to maintaining consistency on existing systems using source control, automated builds, and deployments, DevOps is as accessible to data platforms as it is to application developers. In this session, we focus on the benefits and concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Using Azure DevOps, we deal with maintaining reports in source control, triggering builds, and publishing to multiple environments.

---What You'll Get--- We have taken our experience and structured it into a two-day quick-win workshop to go beyond the abstract and work on Code, pipelines, and Azure data resources to build a foundation of DevOps in your data world.

Deliverables: Workshop resources including presentations and sample projects; architectural and road mapping whiteboard sessions.

---The Program--- Using a real Azure DevOps instance, the workshop will focus on the following topics:

Day 1 – Fundamentals

• Agile development best practices • Intro to Azure DevOps • Source Control for data • Database Projects, Fluent Migration, and Entity Framework • Branching strategies for release and environment maintenance

Day 2 – Automation • Deployment strategies for SQL • Deployment strategies for other data utilities • Azure Pipelines implementation • Environment promotion and workflows • Securing environments • Infrastructure as Code for data environments • Migration road mapping