Master Data Management: 10 day Profisee PoC

QS2 AG - Quality Software Solutions

The QS2 Team will kickstart your Master Data & Governance Journey, while helping to evaluate the key MDM components & features your organization should integrate

Our Master Data Management & Data Governance PoC solidifies the value and capabilities of Profisee MDM running within an Azure Dev/Test environment.

MDM & DG concepts and benefits are well established. They form a solid foundation for complete, consistent and trusted data that will be an asset to the business. Incorporating MDM solutions into your organization's operations and applications can be cumbersome though, and our experienced consultants can help traverse the domains and methodologies that are suitable for your systems and budget.

This offer provides you with a tailored Proof of Concept using your data & an agreed set business scenarios focused on some of your master data challenges using the Profisee MDM suite, as well as reviewing business functions such as setting up Common Business Vocabulary, Data Stewardship and Data Classification.


  1. We'll start by setting up the Profisee PaaS solution within Azure
  2. Give an overview of what MDM is and the features that Profisee MDM provides
  3. Conduct interview workshops to review your business challenges
  4. Define a set of domains, entities and attributes that will be covered in the PoC
  5. Create baseline schemas
  6. Connect to and import data, design some quality check rules, workflows and classifications
  7. We'll also work with you to agree on a subset of interfaces to your systems that demonstrate how effectively the solution could work with your applications and analytical platforms

Afterwards we can extend the data model created with the processes and features decided upon and assist in developing your master data journey in production.