Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration: 4 Weeks Proof of Concept

Quadrant Resource LLC

This is a Pre-Migration Proof of Concept to test the Migration process and to get insights of the automated features of our in-house tool QMigrator

After a detailed Assessment by Quadrant Resources A proof of concept is a vital step to demonstrate your application capabilities before the actual transition, this proof of concept is necessary to test and validate the feasibility and effectiveness of migrating data from one Oracle to Azure database for PostgreSQL.

Risk Assessment:

This POC will help assess the risks associated with the migration process. It identifies potential issues and challenges that may arise during the migration process and allows the team to take corrective measures to minimize the impact of any problems.

Testing the feasibility of migration:

This POC will help determine whether the target database system can handle the volume and complexity of data being migrated, and whether it can maintain data integrity and consistency.

Cost Estimation:

Estimate the cost and resources required for a full-scale database migration. It can provide valuable insights into the time, effort, and resources required to complete the migration process.

POC is often required by stakeholders, including senior management, to establish a proof of concept before committing to a full-scale migration. It allows stakeholders to see the potential benefits and drawbacks of the migration before investing significant resources into the project.

Quadrant offers a Data Modernization jumpstart engagement through a Proof of Concept to help you make the transition to the cloud with confidence. This high-intensity engagement will equip you with the knowledge to address all your key concerns and speed up your cloud journey.

Quadrants QMigrator combines all our best practices for automated database schema and intelligent code conversion which allows to apply our well-established approach to your migration project. The tool is designed for automated migration of Oracle Workloads to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. It handles the entire migration process end to end. Quadrant Resources helps customers understand the cycle of migration and answer questions like how the application looks like after the transition and a categorical demonstration of performance differences, risk factors and operational gotchas takes things beyond just the infrastructure.

We Perform the POC on a replica of production data and enable you to operate and manage your working solution even though it'll be a scaled down version of your database.

A 4-Week Proof of Concept Tailored exclusively to deliver the below aspects.

  • Accelerate the database schema migration process through progressive automation.
  • Validation against the converted schema with QMigrator.
  • Automated Performance testing of converted code on the target database
  • 60-70% of the Migration is Automated Process and the residual Migration is performed and validated by our experts.
  • Establish connectivity between application and the database and our testing team will test a few scenarios to ensure the functionality.

What Can Businesses Expect with the POC Migration?

  • Real-time Demonstration of Migration Reporting.
  • Insights into the Capabilities of the Migration Tool
  • Enables informed decisions through application performance metrics.
  • Estimation of effort required to migrate the databases as per the Size.
  • Surfaces unexpected issues and learnings from prior to the real full-scale deployment of the production architecture.
  • Deliverables of the Migration.
  • Our Migration Approach
  • Sneak Peek into the Data Validation Techniques.

Key Benefits:

  • No license fees.
  • Flexible, Scalable on demand on Azure PaaS
  • Reduction in efforts, monitoring and metrics.
  • Global reach, high availability and reduction in operation cost due to easy and managed deployments.

The Timeline mentioned in this offering may vary depending on several factors one of the prime factors is the database size and associated code objects, however an initial assessment will give the near accurate timeline.