High Gear for Application Innovation 1-wk Workshop


High Gear for Application Innovation program objective is to help organizations get a jump start on planning new applications to run in Azure, using Cloud Native technology powered by DevOps.

The program is designed to give organizations the insight they need to move forward with a solid design and high-level architecture.

• Defined Goals • Candidate Architecture & Design • Implementation and Consumption Costs

Program Activities and Flow

  1. Envisioning Workshop Through a collaborative workshop approach, we create awareness and envision the role of a modern Cloud Native Application for your organization utilizing Azure Services both Public & On-Premises.

  2. Planning Workshops The Quisitive team works with you in planning workshops to capture the goals and high level requirements for the application, and the business and technical prioritization.

  3. Architecture Design Sessions & Rapid Prototyping The Quisitive team works collaboratively in Architecture Design Sessions to determine a candidate architecture the goals and requirements. A Rapid Prototype exercise is also included to help cement the design, which could be a clickthrough demo, visualization, diagram, or custom demo of Azure services, DevOps, code, or some combination.

  4. Application Design & Estimate The Quisitive team will create the high-level Application Design for the solution based workshops, design sessions and rapid prototyping. In addition, Quisitive will help estimate the consumption costs, and project estimates for taking the work forward.