Azure Cloud Foundations - 4-Wk Assessment


4 week workshop to design a comprehensive roadmap to a successful Microsoft Azure implementation

The Microsoft Azure Cloud Foundation Accelerator assists clients in the design and implementation of a secure, scalable and operationally ready Azure environment to meet their unique business and technical requirements. It provides clients with the required guidance, best practices and strategy for the rapid adoption of Microsoft Azure for production or non-production services.

Aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoptions Framework (CAF), our Azure Accelerators build on the foundation Microsoft provides and incorporates our experience and third-party best in class partner solutions to provide customers with a comprehensive roadmap to a successful Microsoft Azure implementation.

The service focuses on the following key areas: • Azure Active Directory and Identity • Azure Governance • Monitoring and Alerting • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery • Compute • Management Groups and Subscription Models • Azure Security, Governance and Compliance • Infrastructure Automation and Provisioning • Network Topology and connectivity • Storage • Initial Migration Planning