Infrastructure Services: 12 months - Implementation


Implement cloud infrastructure services to keep your environment available, optimized, and secure. Our certified engineers monitor, evaluate, and proactively improve infrastructure operations.

RCI Deploys managed Azure cloud infrastructure services to keep your environment available, optimized, and secure. As a Gold level organization, our team of certified engineers monitor, evaluate, and proactively improve your infrastructure to ensure operational efficiency. Each consulting engagement transition of services include:

• Assessment - collect data to understand business usage, application dependencies, and define a migration / modernization plan • Develop a Migration, Modernization, or Deployment plan - Identify assets, define architectures and blueprints based on client network, security, compliance and architecture requirements • Build, Deploy, or Migrate - execute plan for a standard, scalable and secure cloud platform across private, public and hybrid cloud models • Perform Initial Prototyping - Test, evaluate, and/or improve services and technologies for deployment optimization • Transition to Operations - Scale services to meet customer requirements that ensure proper definition of service levels, service delivery, operations, and management

Upon transitioning services to an RCI managed state, our infrastructure services allow organizations to:

Leverage advance talent and skills: • Managing and evolving an Azure infrastructure can be difficult without the best expertise and support. We have a technical support team, specialized in Microsoft Azure platforms including networks, virtualization, and security.

Improve Azure Services: • Simplify customer engagement and onboarding experiences, while managing delegated resources at scale with agility and precision. This allows authorized users, groups, and service principals to work directly in the context of a customer subscription without having an account in that customer's Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant or being a co-owner of the customer's tenant.
• Effectively manage all requests and problems that may arise in your environment. • Proactively monitor your infrastructure to raise and notify indicators of possible future problems. • Expertly analyze all requested changes or technological evolutions to optimize the environment, reducing risks and impact on the solution. • Successfully analyze your consumption habits, issue optimization, control alerts or reports.

Minimizing security risks: • Prevents operating with poorly designed cloud architecture exposing security vulnerabilities and restricting scalability.

Allows you to focus on your core business:

• RCI manages, operates, optimizes, and governs your infrastructure so you can keep your attention on core business activities.

The Value Proposition: • Providing experts in Azure public / private cloud environments and providing implementation services for all sizes & workload complexities • Align services with Azure Cloud Adoption Framework to deliver repeatable, predictable results and to scale up and down based on client requirements • Leverage state-of-the-art automation to reduce risk, costs and effort across all phases of a migration and modernization
• Employ an Agile approach for delivery of services and technology