Azure Cloud Adoption Discovery – 4 week Assessment

RedBit Development

This Cloud Discovery assessment will determine a plan of action on how you can leverage the Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies to help modernize and optimize your business and processes.

RedBit works closely with your organization to plan out how you can transform your operations to take advantage of Microsoft Azure & Cloud technologies. Whether you are looking to bring some inhouse servers to the cloud, modernize existing applications, digitizing manual paper-based processes, or just looking to start your digital journey to the cloud RedBit’s Azure Cloud Adoption Discovery is the right start.

By using the experience of the RedBit team together with your business expertise this 4 week assessment will allow you to explore options which will help you increase productivity, reduce costs and help your teams streamline their processes.

The 3 step process is as follows:

Step 1 - Learn Our assessment kicks of with a look at your organization’s existing technology infrastructure and most importantly operational processes to understand the pain points and weaknesses that are present within your current technology and organization. Here we learn about your business, your needs and your technology.

Step 2 - Assess Building of the knowledge and understanding during the Learn step we move into identifying any gaps and assessing the options and solutions which will help your business.

Step 3 – Recommend In this final step we work with your team to outline a plan of the recommendations, providing you with the information needed to make informed decisions with a clear journey on how to achieve your goals.

This Assessment will help you manage the challenges of modernizing and optimizing your workplaces.

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