SophosWall : 3 Days Assessment

Reliance Infosystems Limited

SophosWall is a 3-day program to perform in-depth security assessment for your business to review policies, risks and success of your network security model.

SophosWall assessment is a customized approach with focus on security, availability, and optimization of your Azure infrastructure assets. It assesses your security measures in-line with industry best practice to meet your business needs on Azure. The program involves the analysis of complex and bloated security configuration to increase the chances of identifying weaknesses before they are exploited by bad actors.

SophosWall Azure assessment reviews the existing configurations on the Sophos XG on Azure, compute consumption graph, firewall policies, VPN traffic, business applications / port forwarding rules for your applications and many more to ensure security gaps that poses security risks are addressed, and user access experience to Azure Infrastructure is optimized. We make sure that your security architecture and policies align with best practice and ensures the effectiveness of your Sophos firewall on Azure.

SophosWall Assessment deliverables include;

  1. Analyze existing firewall security or compliance status and ensure has the right controls is in use and is properly implemented, this includes technical controls such as audit logging and alerts built into the Sophos on Azure.

  2. Evaluate the firewall to confirm clean set of firewall rules are in existence to avoid business risks, including open ports and unneeded VPN tunnels, conflicting rules that create backdoor entry points, and an enormous amount of unnecessary complexity.

  3. Review security architecture in place to ensure the use of widely accepted firewall best practices and analyze the cloud environment to highlight gaps and weaknesses.

  4. Identify risky firewall policies that causes unnecessary exposures the network and assets hosted on azure.

  5. Verify status of firmware, hotfixes, and pattern updates to confirm the firewall is adequately up to date.

  6. Assess security posture of the security gateway and verify it aligns with your organization’s security goals and objectives.