Cloud Native App DevOps: 1-D Workshop

Reply DE

One day hands-on consulting workshop to deep dive into Cloud Native App DevOps with API First, Microservices & Kubernetes

Consulting on Cloud Native App DevOps with API First, Microservices & Kubernetes. 1 day workshop with methodical approach consisting of a kickoff workshop & architecture design session to enable first implementation efforts. Starting with an assessment of the current situation, challenges, and undertaken efforts, an analysis is conducted and a first architecture design is derived. In the following days a first prototype is implemented, making extensive use of the cloud-native PaaS toolkit (Azure DevOps, Azure API Management, Azure Kubernetes Services, Serverless compute with functions, seamless integration with LogicApps). Cluster Reply supports you with a decade of hands-on experience in cloud technology, helping you to build a solution that is faster, easier to maintain and more productive with the power of Azure.