SecWise Assess for OT: 3-Day Assessment


An assessment on your current or 'TO BE' OT/ICS/ IoT infrastructure set-up to make sure it matches industrial security standards and best-practices.

Due to present threat actors and the combination of digital transformation in the OT environment it's crucial to implement cyber security best-practices and a security 'by design' set-up to protect your business critical workloads against the continuously evolving cyber threats. We will perform a 3-day assessment on your current OT/IoT environment or against a 'TO BE' OT/IoT design to evaluate the cyber defence maturity against industrial cyber security best-practices.

Day-1: review/asses the current OT/IoT set-up or a 'TO BE' OT/IoT Infrastructure design Day-2: evaluate against IEC62443/NIST cyber best-practices and give advisories to make NIS compliance Day-3: draft-up recommendations and provide 'TO BE' OT/IoT security design in a debrief meeting with the customer

Based on the existing security solutions in place we will design a 'TO BE' situation based on the possible re-use of existing security components as well as Azure security services and solutions (Defender for IoT). The outcome is a clear and well documented roadmap towards your 'TO BE' OT/IoT Security architecture, based on the IEC62443/NIST, cloud cyber security best-practices and the Defender for Cloud solutions. Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Contact us for a personalized offer.