OSS Databases on Azure: 5-Day Assessment

Sierra Systems Group Inc.

How do we migrate our on-prem OSS database to the cloud? PaaS vs IaaS? Should we go parallel vs hard cutover? Do I leave the current setup as-is and shift, or improve during the cloud shift?

Databases are at the core of almost all networks. As databases age out, many CTOs and IT departments have troubling outlooks on next steps. Can we realistically replace often-undocumented tables? Given the complexity of newer DB builds, how much risk do we take on with an upgrade? In short, what should we do?

Sierra’s OSS DB on Azure assessment involves Microsoft-certified SMEs reviewing every aspect of your existing system: cataloging each dependency, reviewing ways to incorporate newer feature sets, and planning migration options catered to the realities of the current and future environment.

What to expect

Day 1 - Educate

  • Seminar - A presentation of MYSQL and PostgreSQL on Azure latest features and capabilities
  • Discover - an exploratory review of current servers (up to three).
  • Business purpose
  • Dependencies between DB and other systems
  • Configuration and topology
  • Database diagrams and data dictionary

** Day 2 - Metrics**

  • Metrics - SME to collect metrics:
  • Size, growth rates, and performance
  • Number of stored procedures lines of code-per-process
  • Number of users

Day 3 - Features

  • Feature Set Analysis - catalogue and define how extensively each feature is used

Day 4 - Strategy

  • Migration Strategies - Present a custom migration strategy
  • Feature-specific options

Day 5 - Wrap-up

  • DB Review - Findings and discussion of the selected migration plan
  • Move Forward - Discussion of migration next steps

Sierra’s Five-Day OSS database on Azure assessment builds a strategic best-practice migration plan by assessing each instance’s; business purpose, database size, features in use, code, security model, performance, and dependencies.