SixPivot FinOps Offering: Consulting


The SixPivot Cloud FinOps consulting practice helps organisations to optimise their cloud spend and increase the value of their cloud investment.

The SixPivot FinOps consulting practice specializes in helping organizations optimize their cloud spend and maximize the value of their investment in the Azure cloud platform. With a profound understanding of Azure technologies and Azure cost optimization strategies, we collaborate with our clients to identify cost-saving opportunities, enhance operational efficiencies, and maximize the return on their Azure infrastructure investment. As organizations mature in their Azure cost optimization journey, we assist our clients in establishing their own internal FinOps capabilities, enabling them to fully leverage the benefits of Azure cloud computing while maintaining financial governance that aligns with their business objectives. Here are some of the key benefits we offer specifically for Azure:

  1. Azure cost management: We help organizations identify opportunities for cost optimization and increased efficiencies within their Azure environment, ensuring they only pay for the resources they truly need.
  2. Azure resource optimization: We work closely with organizations to analyze and optimize the utilization of their Azure resources, resulting in improved operational efficiency and cost savings.
  3. Azure financial management: Leveraging data-driven insights, we provide organizations with valuable recommendations and guidance to make informed decisions about their Azure cloud strategy. This includes optimizing Azure spend and accurately forecasting future costs.
  4. Azure process improvement: By streamlining Azure-related processes, we empower organizations to make faster and more accurate decisions, leading to enhanced operational agility and overall efficiency. Our Azure FinOps consulting practice combines technical expertise with financial acumen, ensuring that our clients achieve optimal cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and sustainable growth within their Azure cloud environment.