Azure Modern Integration_10Day implementation


SixPivot’s Azure Modern Integration Services can take environments from existing state to a fully deployed Azure Integration Solution.

SixPivot has developed an Azure PaaS integration solution for customers looking to migrate existing on-premises or competing cloud integration platforms to the Azure PaaS stack.

This service offering is aimed at organisations who have challenges with availability, cost, resiliency, security, or speed to market and/or are ready to transform their integration  infrastructure and their developer experience based on Microsoft’s best practices for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) using CI/CD pipelines and integrated with Microsoft’s DevOps toolchain specifically Azure DevOps or Github.

The key milestones for this Integration Service offering include:

Engagement initiation including identification of a candidate integration project on Azure’s PaaS technologies Assessment of the integration project & it’s dependencies for deployment to the Integration environment Design the proposed solution Configuration of a CI/CD pipeline for deployment of the Integration platform and the CI/CD pipeline for the end-to-end deployment of the integration code Configuration and deployment of the Integration environment platform Deployment of Integration codebase via the CI/CD Pipeline Engagement wrap-up including validation of the next steps