BlackSlope API Accelerator: 1 Week Implementation

Slalom Consulting

BlackSlope is a simple, open-sourced .NET accelerator designed to increase the speed at which your team will build their highly scalable APIs and create a scalable, modern cloud foundation.

What We Deliver

Over the course of the initial 1-week engagement, we will use our proven templates to create your API Infrastructure. Following this (sprint 0 activity), we will begin developing your feature work. What previously would have taken 3 sprints to set up (standard API architecture), we will have finished in a single sprint, and be ready to continue adding new value for you by maintaining any existing API's and get to the new more 'valuable' connections faster.

Accelerator Advantages

Reliable Solution

  • BlackSlope Azure based .NET architecture has been successfully utilized in multiple software solutions for our clients.

Speed up Development

  • By having a collection of ready to use tools and features, BlackSlope improves development speed. Using it reduces time and effort to implement an Azure infrastructure and as a result, decreases cost of development.

Flexibility and Modularity

  • BlackSlope is designed in a way that makes it easy to replace any component or plug in a new one as needed.
  • This plays incredibly well with the inherent flexibility provided by the Azure cloud.


  • The accelerator targets ASP .NET Core which is a Cross-Platform framework.

Latest .NET Version

  • BlackSlope is continually maintained and updated according to the latest version of .NET and also adjusts to new best practices as Azure continues to grow and add new services to its stack.

Multi-Tier Architecture

By providing a baseline for a reference architecture to implement an API application, each layer of the API app is subsequently equipped with a set of components to implement the required functionalities.

The operations and services layers validate processes and handle business and domain logic fluently. When paired with the proper Azure resources, the time to business value is unmatched. Finally, repositories can be positioned to provide access to native data storage on Azure, as well as externally, and manage the calls to external API's and services that are required of the application - enabling easy maintenance and visibility on the flow of information.