Innovation Jumpstart Three Horizon: 1 Week Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Innovation Jumpstart is a 1 Week Workshop that helps customers quickly achieve tangible business outcomes by creating a clear tactical roadmap for digital innovation.

Do you need to innovate, but don't know where to begin?

Using the Three Horizons tool to help businesses plan for the future while remaining grounded in the current state opportunities and challenges, this workshop brings together thought leadership from Slalom's Strategy Team partnered with Microsoft's Cloud experts to help facilitate a collaborative experience focused on driving innovation.

The outputs of this workshop include a long horizon view of business transformation with prioritized intermediary steps that can be taken to help drive transformation. Slalom Strategy will take our clients through a series of focused workshop activities to help identify both current and future opportunities for growth and together we will collaborate on how to bring those ideas to life powered by Azure.

While the workshop seeks to drive innovation across the entirety of services and resources that Azure offers, Slalom has a highly recognized specialty in:

* Modern Culture of Data - Enabling organizations to get their data under control, make it timely and accessible to enable data driven insights. Combining the right Azure Data & AI Services with strategy and organizational change consulting to allow organizations to drive true value from their data.

* Operational Excellence - Allowing organizations to do more with less and better. Bringing the Power of Microsoft Business Applications suite together with strategy and process improvement consulting. Empowering each person and organization to achiever more with the Azure cloud and the connected Microsoft Ecosystem.

Day 1: Introductions and Three Horizons Overview
Day 2: Horizonal Litmus Test for Enterprise Mission, Vision and Purpose
Day 3: Creative Warm-Up, Future Signals Exploration and The Wheel: Testing YOUR Future Vision
Day 4: Backcasting and Opportunities Across Horizons
Day 5: Activating Three Horizons Innovation with Slalom + Microsoft

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a customized blueprint for digital innovation directly supporting your prioritized business goals.