Implementing Azure OpenAI (GPT) trained on your data

SMART business LLC

Deploying Azure OpenAI, creating a chat bot, training GPT on company data, prompt engineering.

GPT model personalization is the process of “additional training” of the model with the company’s own data to obtain clearer and more accurate answers.

This can be any text information that your employees work with, HTML pages, and even SQL databases. Add the ability to integrate with existing systems – chat bots, instant messengers, etc. – and get a powerful tool for improving customer service and simplifying the work of teams.

Just imagine that you can ask a question in a chat in any form and instantly receive an answer, as if you were talking with a colleague who has the necessary experience and knowledge.

How to use Azure Open AI for company employees:

  • Automate routine tasks of teams – your employees optimize time for searching for information and deal with higher-priority business issues,

  • Get an intelligent assistant that processes natural human language and provides answers based on corporate data,

  • Create personalized content for marketing campaigns and various communication channels with the audience, based on existing information about your company’s clients,

  • Accelerate automation: automating IT tasks improves employee experience, enhances customer interactions, and increases efficiency within a company's developer community.

Benefits of Azure Open AI implementation with SMART business:

  • The speed of Azure OpenAI implementation is from 40 to 100 hours (depending on the specifics of the customer’s request).

  • Enterprise-level corporate security from Microsoft.

  • Increasing the competitiveness of your business with modern AI solutions.

  • If necessary, SMART business specialists can modify the solution without involving third-party contractors.

  • Regular solution updates from Microsoft.

  • Powerful prompt engineering from SMART business specialists, which improves the accuracy of system responses to requests.