App Portfolio Modernization: Automated 7-Day Assessment

SoftServe Inc.

Modernize a set of applications and easily migrate them to the Azure cloud

About SoftServe

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About assessment

The Application Portfolio Modernization Assessment is designed to provide an organization with a high-level vision of cloud compatibility and readiness, the scope of potential changes, and a roadmap to migrate an application portfolio to Azure cloud computing and hosting environment aligned to business impact. Our experts will work with you to evaluate the current codebase and infrastructure and define priorities, risks, and migration approaches leveraging SoftServe’s Microsoft Azure Professional Services delivery capabilities.

At the end of the engagement, the customer can expect the following benefits:

  • Understand cloud compatibility and readiness of application portfolio to be migrated to Azure

  • Have a baseline for cloud migration efforts and cloud TCO.

  • Understand how to improve software quality and adopt containerization and cloud-native approach.

  • Have a vision and an actionable roadmap of digital transformation with Azure.


Day 1:

  • Automated source-code assessment using the CAST Highlight tool or UnifyCloud CloudPilot.

Day 2-5:

  • Manual assessment of the issues found by automated source-code analysis.

Day 6-7:

  • Documentation of the current technical state of the application portfolio, inventory report, and technical debt issues.

  • Preparation of the TCO estimations.

  • Preparation of high-level cloud migration strategy and estimation of efforts.


Assessment report containing the following points.

  • Executive summary

  • Current technical state and inventory report (per application)

  • High-level cloud migration strategy (per application)

  • High-level implementation roadmap (per application)

  • Infrastructure costs estimate (per application)

*Standard offering of 1 Week for 20 small-sized/10 medium-sized applications can be tailored according to the requirement.

** CAST Highlight and UnifyCloud CloudPilot license price is not included