Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services: 1-Day briefing

SoftServe Inc.

Walking through the Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services features and use cases

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About Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services

Azure Arc product group is a bridge that extends the Azure platform to help build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters, at the edge, and in multi-cloud environments. Arc-Enabled Data Services is a product that makes it possible to run Azure data services such as Azure Arc-enabled-SQL Managed Instance and Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL Hyperscale on top of any Kubernetes cluster. At the end of the engagement, the customer can expect the understanding of following benefits:

  • Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services concept and features
  • Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services example use cases


  • Walk through typical challenges of hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Introduction to Azure Arc product group and Arc-Enabled Data Services as an answer to hybrid and multi-cloud challenges
  • Overview of typical use cases for Arc-Enabled Data Services
  • Reveal additional benefits of using Arc-Enabled Data Services
  • Demonstrate flexibility of Arc-Enabled Data Services by introducing installation options
  • Q&A


  • Revealed Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services concepts, use cases, and features
  • Covered client’s questions and concerns