Sogeti EMP Managed Services 1 Day Assessment


Assessment 1-day - Advisory on Capgemini Application Modernization & Migration and Managed Services

Capgemini’s Enterprise Portfolio Modernization initiative (EPM) is a suite of services that aligns application lifecycle and modernization capabilities with Microsoft Azure to offer a modern end-to-end approach to digital transformation with enterprise capabilities, and the expertise to get there securely and with confidence. Two complementary key enablers of this suite of services 1) Economic Application Portfolio Manager and 2) Capgemini Cloud Platform Managed Services together providing the full end-to-end set of services for organizations from assessments to managed services.

•Enterprise Portfolio Modernization starts with an understanding of your customers business situation and their existing application environment by applying the Economic Application Portfolio Manager (eAPM): This tool delivers a full-stack view of an organization’s entire application portfolio and helps design the client’s migration journey to the cloud. We are uniquely qualified to help customers understand the business and technical implications of their existing situation and the cost and payoff of modernization.

•Capgemini Cloud Platform(CCP) is more than just consulting services; it can transform your IT landscape into an innovation enabler for the business. How? With a toolset and approach that facilitates and cultivates cloud-native development, agility, and flexibility.” Capgemini Cloud Platform brings together the right technology, processes, and culture to help organizations of every size leverage the efficiency and agility of the cloud. It is a portfolio of cloud services and accelerators in a single cloud management platform.

CCP is designed to support the crucial stages of every cloud journey, from build and migration to managing application and infrastructure services in the new cloud environment, supported by extensive automation.

Pricing based on the number of servers being migrated