GHAS Health Check 1-Wk Imp

Solidify AB

Solidify offers a comprehensive DevSecOps health check package that enables companies to identify and understand potential shortcomings in their DevSecOps setup.

Scope of Work:

The services provided will cover the following aspects, with a focus on optimizing GitHub Advanced Security and potential integration with Azure:

  • Custom session on GitHub Advanced security features, shift-left approach, security overview views, and demo on how Copilot can help, in alignment with GHAS.
  • Review of DevSecOps processes and workflows to identify gaps and inefficiencies, considering both processes, tooling, and potential Azure integration.
  • Analysis of the current use of GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS), including Azure-related considerations.
  • Recommendations for improving the security posture, including a shift-left approach and best practices using GHAS, potentially aligning with Azure security strategies.
  • Best practices for onboarding and managing Security Champions programs, fostering a security-conscious culture that complements Azure security efforts.
  • Customized remediation plans for addressing identified areas of concern, with an understanding of Azure integration points.
  • Presentation of the findings and remediation plans, highlighting Azure integration opportunities where re


Before starting the engagement, the following prerequisites will need to be satisfied, including considerations for Azure integration:

  • At least one key stakeholder identified for each of the following roles: Developer, Architect, DevSecOps Specialist, Security Specialist, Security Champion (if applicable), and Manager.
  • Sufficient access to GitHub or internal resources to analyze GitHub Advanced Security setup and usage, potentially including Azure component

Intended Audience:

The recommended audience for this engagement includes customers who have purchased GitHub Advanced Security and have used the solution for a longer period, along with Team Leads, DevOps Teams, Engineering Managers, and Security Specialists. This audience may also include Azure-focused roles.


Review of DevSecOps Processes and Workflows:

We'll assess your DevSecOps processes, tools, and configurations to identify gaps and inefficiencies, considering Azure integration where applicable.

Analysis of Current Use of GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS):

We'll analyze how you're currently using GHAS, looking at scans, alert types, MTTR, overall GHAS usage and configuration, and code repository coverage to provide a baseline for improvement, with a view towards Azure integration.

Recommendations for Improving Security Posture with GHAS:

We'll offer actionable recommendations to enhance security, focusing on a shift-left strategy, GHAS best practices, and necessary tooling adjustments, with Azure security in mind.

Best Practices for Onboarding and Managing Security Champions Programs:

We'll provide guidance for establishing and managing a Security Champions program to promote a security-conscious culture, potentially integrating with Azure security initiatives.

Customized Remediation Plans:

Based on our assessments, we'll create remediation plans with clear steps to address identified security concerns and enhancements, including Azure-related considerations.

Presentation of Findings and Remediation Plans:

We will share our assessment results, remediation plans, and provide a written report summarizing our findings, including any insights related to Azure integration.

Training and Support:

In addition to implementation, we will provide training sessions to help teams fully utilize GitHub’s capabilities, potentially including Azure integration aspects.

Objectives and Outcomes:

This offering is designed for organizations seeking to assess and enhance their GitHub Advanced Security implementation, including considerations for Azure integration. Our goal is to help you identify and address any issues, ensuring that your security measures are optimized, including potential alignment with Azure security practices.

GitHub Advanced Security, when properly configured, delivers alerts and warnings to proactively identify potential security risks. However, misconfigurations, inefficient processes, and other issues can undermine the effectiveness of your investment. Solidify's health check service is designed to assist you in pinpointing potential problem areas, devising remediation plans, and improving your overall security posture, while considering Azure integration opportunities.

Our objective is to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance security with an efficient GitHub Advanced Security setup, with potential Azure integration benefits.


  • GitHub usage metrics analysis
  • Tool analysis, including Azure integration where relevant
  • DevSecOps Process analysis, with consideration for Azure processes
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Sessions

Time commitment options:

  • Delivered over 3-4 weeks. This period may be extended based on the complexity and size of the organization