Getting started with GitHub Copilot - 2-Wk Imp

Solidify AB

The goal of this service is to implement GitHub Copilot for business within your organization in a compliant and secure manner

Scope of Work:

The following services are designed to ensure the optimal use of GitHub Copilot, with special attention to its seamless integration with Azure.

  • Custom Training Sessions: In-depth, tailored workshops emphasizing GitHub Copilot’s features, accentuating integration and productivity within the Azure ecosystem.
  • Development Process Review: Analysis of current development workflows, identifying GitHub Copilot integration opportunities and aligning with Azure services.
  • GitHub Copilot Implementation Strategy: Development and execution of a tailored GitHub Copilot implementation plan, harmonized with Azure.
  • Security Protocols Alignment: Incorporating GitHub Copilot within established security protocols and leveraging Azure’s security features.
  • Efficiency and Productivity Metrics: Delivery of insightful efficiency and productivity reports, attributed to GitHub Copilot and Azure synergies.


  • Key Stakeholder Identification: Engagement of developers, DevOps, and Azure specialists for a holistic integration approach.
  • Access Permissions: Securing access to GitHub Copilot and Azure services for comprehensive analysis and implementation.
  • Development Environments Preparation: Setting up environments for in-depth GitHub Copilot and Azure integration training.

Intended Audience:

  • Azure-centric organizations, developers, and DevOps professionals looking to optimize coding efficiency through GitHub Copilot, enhanced for Azure.


  • Customized Copilot Training: Hands-on training focusing on GitHub Copilot’s capabilities, optimized for Azure environments.
  • Efficiency Insights Reporting: Detailed reports on enhanced efficiency and innovation due to GitHub Copilot and Azure collaboration.
  • Security Compliance Documentation: Documents outlining the strengthened security posture by integrating GitHub Copilot with Azure.

Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Coding Efficiency: Achieving up to 50% improvement in coding efficiency, innovation, and quality via GitHub Copilot, optimized for Azure.
  • Azure-Centric Developer Experience: Boosting the developer experience with GitHub Copilot’s seamless interoperability with Azure.


  • Copilot and Azure Analysis: Detailed analysis of GitHub Copilot’s utility and performance, focusing on Azure integration.
  • Practical Workshops: Hands-on workshops for real-time GitHub Copilot learning and application, tailored for Azure compatibility.
  • Feedback Loops: Iterative feedback for ongoing enhancement of GitHub Copilot within Azure ecosystems.

Time Commitment Options:

  • Flexible Engagement: A 2-3 weeks custom engagement, adaptable based on specific Azure integration complexities and needs.

Training and Support:

  • Azure-Integrated Copilot Training: Specialized training on maximizing GitHub Copilot features, aligned with Azure’s capabilities.
  • Continuous Support: Ongoing support for GitHub Copilot’s integration, updates, and performance optimization within Azure.