GitHub Migration

Solidify AB

The goal of this offer is to get your organization migrated to GitHub, this offer includes awareness, analysis, migration/adoption, and a roadmap so you can continue your journey independently.

Scope of Work:

Solidify specializes in migrating diverse platforms to GitHub, ensuring an efficient upgrade of your development processes. We are adept at utilizing official GitHub, open-source, and custom tools tailored for specific migration needs.

Migration Options:

  • Hands-on migrations by our team
  • Guiding your team with our expertise
  • Self-service migration setup based on IssueOps

Tools and Platforms Migration:

Migrating from various source controls, CI/CD tools, and planning tools like TFS/Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, Azure Boards, and Jira.

GitHub Benefits:

Harness the power of GitHub for enhanced collaboration, security, productivity, and scalability, aligning perfectly with Azure ecosystems.


Kick-starting the migration journey with awareness creation, progressing with a detailed analysis and assessment, and culminating in a smooth migration and adoption phase.

Intended Audience:

Tailored for Developers, Team Leads, DevOps Teams, Engineering Managers, Security Specialists, Platform Owners, Project Managers, and Cloud Engineers.


Execution of migration and provision of technical advisory services and official GitHub trainings, ensuring a comprehensive transition and mastery of GitHub features.

Objectives and Outcomes:

Achieve a seamless migration to GitHub, optimizing development workflows, and leveraging enhanced collaboration, security, and scalability features, with a focus on Azure-integrated environments.


Incorporating a comprehensive analysis, meticulous migration execution, and enriched advisory and training services, tailored to enhance the GitHub experience.

Time Commitment:

The engagement duration is tailored, depending on the migration's size and complexity.