Cloud Modernization Assessment- 6 weeks

Sonata Software Ltd.

This service will analyze the feasibility of migrating infrastructure to Azure Cloud and create possible plan options to migrate and Modernize your Legacy applications to azure.

Week 1-2 – Discovery phase This phase will involve accessing to the customers IT landscape which will include: Access to the customers IT environments. Access to the Customers Application Documentation. Set up of  our cloud assessment tool. Detailed descriptions of Applications & Dependencies.

Week 3-4 – Assessment phase This phase will start with defining the scope of the engagement which involves: Application Portfolio Analysis (tools will be used to gather data) Application walk through – functionality, architecture, tools and technologies Perform 6R Analysis (Tool and workshops) Dependency and TCO analysis

Week 5-6 – Roadmap Phase We suggest your Disposition and target options, We define your requirements and provide Infra and grouping and prioritization Target Cloud architecture Detailed migration plan and schedule

the service will deliver Application Portfolio & Cloud Disposition report High-level Platform understanding report High level target cloud platform architecture Cloud Modernization Plan & Schedule