Modern Secure and Productive Workplace: 4-Wk Implementation

Spartan Shield Ltd

Spartan Shield Ltd Modern, Secure & Productive Workplace Solution is an all-in-one Solution that provides you value for your Azure environment

The solution is built on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 , ensuring that its full potential is realized in your organization. This will radically improve your business outcomes with minimal risk and virtually no disruption, at a price that meets your objectives and budget, using a cost-effective Phased implementation.

Our team of industry professionals will create a strategy that is tailored to your company's needs. One that implements and maintains the newest advancements in Microsoft Azure enterprise security, management, collaboration, and business analytics, and is backed by world-class service.

Problems you desire resolved

  • Your outdated platforms and on-premise infrastructure have become obsolete.
  • Internal productivity and teamwork must be improved.
  • You want to save money on licensing and IT operations.
  • You want your data and services to be more secure.
  • You'll need to strengthen your governance compliance.
  • You want to safeguard corporate information from leaking out.
  • You have purchased Microsoft Azure , Microsoft 365 and/or Office 365 services and are not reaping the full benefits of their functionalities

Our solution is a 3-step approach: Phase 1 - Program standup - Initiate the program and define the mission, scope and objectives and define required processes to enable the operation of the process. Phase 2 - Portfolio rationalization session - Using automation and dynamic visualization, We work together to make sense of your organization’s portfolio, identify “hot spots” or key rationalization areas, and develop the core of the go-forward action plan. Phase 3 - Enable the technology

This Implementation will:

  • Assess your organization’s policies and processes
  • Refine workflows to meet the needs of your organization in compliance with your policies
  • Identify resources involved and security needs necessary for the submission and approval process
  • Conduct a Pilot test of the solution with an identified subset of employees
  • Create a communication strategy for launch

Scope: Please note that each engagement has the possibility of needing to be custom scoped based on specific customer environments and requirements, so in some cases scoping and costing may differ from what is estimated in this offer