Virtual Datacenter: 2-Day Implementation

Stratus Innovations Group

Why keep fighting the IT refresh budget battles that only “keep the lights on” and eliminate additional initiatives that provide innovative solutions that help grow the business?

Our Virtual Datacenter Consulting Service Offering provides you the ability to quickly scale-up a Public and Hybrid Cloud IT infrastructure that allows you to leverage the massive Cloud IT economies of scale business model and innovative functionality.

With this Consulting Solution Offering, within two days you will be able to deploy Microsoft Azure-based IT services that are on your corporate network, allowing you to quickly and inexpensively deploy new IT services. This solution utilizes Microsoft Azure Site Recovery services which constantly replicates the on-premise physical or virtual disks of server IT infrastructure so that a mirror-image virtual machine can be quickly and easily stood up on your corporate network (via our Virtual Datacenter Consulting Solution Offering).

Deliverables that you will receive as part of this implementation include:

  • Reference Architecture diagram
  • Domain-level connectivity between your corporate network and your Microsoft Azure environment (ie, Azure Virtual Network)
  • Deployment of up to six (6) Azure VMs for various workloads (SQL Server, Web Server, Domain Controller, etc) that are protected by Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
  • Project plan and statement of work by phases on the full implementation