The Golden Path - 2-Day Assessment

TeamValue B.V.

The path to software that really adds value! The Golden Path is our answer to implementing BizDevOps on Azure the right way. Determine the value of PaaS after an initial Lift and Shift to Azure

The path to software that really adds value

The Golden Path is our answer to implementing BizDevOps the right way. We like challenges and deliver what we promise and bring your message to IT and the business.

3 Dimensions of The Golden Path

With the Golden Path we work along three axes:
  1. Doing the right things (the value axis) Business - using Agile and involving Product Owners
  2. Doing the things fast (time-to-market axis) DevOps - manual adjustments belong to the past. Repeating errors are identifiable and easy to solve. We automate your processes as efficiently as possible using Azure DevOps.
  3. Doing the things right (quality axis) Business Ruling & Operations - the business wants and DevOps delivers, but you also know that your processes must comply with laws and regulations. Our Quality Framework is the answer. We implement Azure security best practices in Azure Security Center and make sure you can comply to ISO regulation in your Azure tenant.

Digital Factory

DevOps, yes, we often have the same goal, but it can be done faster and at less cost. That is why we use BizDevOps. In the end we leave a Digital Software Factory behind, so you are able to adjust in an agile way. Even after we have left. Fail often, fail fast. Without increasing FTE and capacity, it is possible to get production done for customers without downtime. Your 6 benefits?
  1. Scalability
  2. Platform 27/4 uptime
  3. Insight into performance of DevOps teams
  4. Planned work
  5. ISO in order
  6. One Button Deploy

Are you also convinced that you gain insights from data, that you can use it to your advantage and that this has positive effects on the results and the way of working within your team? We will start with one of our three core areas, eventually we will combine all worlds.
The Golden Path: business delivers functionality with a push of a button and you will never be offline!