SAP Cloud Readiness 10-Day Assessment

Tech Mahindra Limited

SAP Cloud 10-Day Assessment to understand the cloud readiness required for SAP.

Business/IT face challenges, which are in multi-fold in the current model of managing application in on premise data center; this includes challenges in areas of TCO Reduction, Operational Efficiency and meet fast Changing business demand.

One of the key concerns that most enterprises have is to understand the cloud readiness of the SAP application and the potential cloud transformation approach that are available to build the business case and embark into cloud journey.

The offering potentially eliminates any surprises around product compatibility or challenges on selected migration strategy that may surface out once customer embarks in to the cloud transformation journey

Approach : Discover >> Analyze >> Roadmap

  • Remote discovery of SAP Application environment - Virtual workshops / questionnaire / data collection templates
  • Cloud readiness assessment & analysis
  • Define potential migration / transformation approach


  • SAP Workload Inventory
  • Cloud readiness of SAP application
  • High level detail around any adoption required to move Azure Cloud
  • Target SAP Architecture & VM Mapping
  • Potential Cloud Migration / Transformation Approach