Azure App Migration: 1-Day Assessment

Telekom Romania Communications S.A.

A commercial assessment of the current applications for migration and services costs associated with the transition to Azure Public Cloud

The overall duration of the offer is custom and will depend on customer's specific needs and current applications' environment. For the duration of the assessment, multiple discussions and discovery sessions will take place, that will influence the overall duration and cost of this engagement. The pricing is per day basis.

Our open approach allows you to easily leverage and migrate your existing applications towards Azure Public Cloud.

Migration consists of a full internal and external ecosystem. It can be a complex activity if not approached in a holistic manner. Therefore, we at Telekom Romania ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and take into consideration the different measures an organization needs to take towards change management.

Re-architecting an application for Azure Public Cloud usage enables you to take advantage of technologies such as auto-scaling and dynamic reconfiguration. An Application Portfolio Assessment helps an organization better understand its existing application environment. The key focus of the assessment is an understanding of an application's business value and technical characteristics. These two dimensions will help define both the modernization technique to be used and the potential value to the business associated with the change.

What we offer (scenarios):

  • REHOST: Application is moved to the Azure Public Cloud environment (IaaS) while avoiding as many modifications as possible
  • REFACTOR: Enhance your application with small changes
  • RETAIN: Application gets re-architected and enhanced with new capabilities for cloud usage to take advantage of technologies like auto-scaling and dynamic reconfiguration
  • REBUILD: Application is rewritten using cloud native environment to have the ability to introduce new products and/or services