Data & AI: 2-day Strategy Assessment

The Data Analysis Bureau

T-DAB will work with you to assess and define your AI and machine learning roadmap strategy for development.

T-DAB is a data science and engineering innovation company specialising in the development and delivery of bespoke, high-end machine learning solutions.

T-DAB is your key AI & Analytics partner, guiding you on your data & analytics journey through our proven development process; bringing best industry practices and insights to your business.

T-DAB will deliver a strategy assessment considering key components to help you to accelerate your time to production using data & AI:

  1. Review opportunities and analytical projects for your team and business to deliver value such as predictive maintenance, reinforcement learning & digital twins, anomaly detection and optimisation,

  2. Prioritising your solutions and presenting a technology roadmap and action plan.

  3. Identifying target architectures such as IoT Analytics and time to event prediction architectures to help accelerate your project with the right Azure services.

To conclude the assessment, T-DAB will outline an action plan to include recommendations and next steps with iterative sprints to start a proof of concept or pilot your initial data concepts in Azure.

The cost can vary depending on the scope/scale of the use cases and if additional services are selected to investigate.