Demand Forecasting Solution-10 Week Implementation

Tiger Analytics

Supply Chain Management and Demand Forecasting Solution for Retail & CPG

Accelerate your demand planning process with a robust forecasting solution implemented on Azure platform. Tiger solution creates a forecast layer which uses Azure Databricks for data preparation, Azure ML for training, model management, and MLOps. The solution improves forecast accuracy, reduce inventory stockouts, controls sourcing and manufacturing, and facilitate labor planning.

The implementation includes the following:

 Initial assessment and defining objectives  Identification of key drivers impacting sales  Creation of ML models utilizing internal and external data (leverage Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure ML; Simplify deployment using Azure Kubernetes Services)  Hosting the solution on client's Azure environment (Delta Lakes)  Creating scenario analysis and visualization for user consumption (Power BI)  Training client's team on maintenance and enhancement of the solution

The built forecast approach can be scaled across categories and markets seamlessly and in a less time-consuming manner. The Azure platform plays a significant role in enabling the scalability and multi-source ingestion of data sets. Azure integration has resulted in significant savings in data ingestion/aggregation, processing & forecasting, developing dashboards for insight generation.

Key Action Steps: Tiger will discuss and understand the business challenges, data sources, drivers, conduct data transformations, and model development & deployment.

Key Deliverables: Harmonized internal & external data, finalized modeling dataset, results of exploratory data analysis, model assessment and prediction summary, output structure, and model documentation.

The solution is created using Tiger's white-box approach to ensure maximum transparency and interpretability of the forecasts. Tiger team will work with the client to help them customize and update according to their specific business context to ensure success.