Azure Database Migration Review: 2-Day Assessment

Trivadis AG

This assessment will check your environment and Azure readiness with Microsoft MAP Tool. The result is a complete overview about your SQL environment and prerequisities for your way to Azure.

Our assessent is based entirely on the freely available Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP). With this tool we record inventory data on the defined SQL servers of your environment. In a further step, performance data of the selected SQL servers are measured over a definable period and stored in the tool's integrated database. The measurement takes place without agents and does not burden the servers. Also the network transport is marginal. Performance data is collected, which is already measured in Windows systems and SQL Server integrated in the standard version. No user or company data is stored. The measured data can be used in the MAP integrated database as SQL database. Once the inventory and performance measurement have been completed, Trivadis evaluates the data to produce assessments, recommendations, reports and a report. Depending on your objectives, you receive the information you need to further define tasks or measures. In this way, you can ensure that your SQL Server environment meets high performance, availability and maintenance requirements. In the assessment we will show you possibe ways to consolidate your data and migrate them to Azure.

  • MAP installation and configuration (remote or on-site)
  • Actual inventory including performance data (CPU/memory usage)
  • Evaluation of the data, preparation of a short presentation
  • Assessment preparation
  • ½ day assessment on site (presentation of the collected data) with consultation of possible optimization potential and possible Azure solutions