Supply Chain Logistics to Azure - 1/2 Day Briefing

TwoConnect - App Modernization & Azure Data Solutions

In this FREE half-day briefing we will discuss how to take your supply chain logistics apps to the next level in a fast, flexible & affordable manner by leveraging modern Microsoft technologies.

Modern Microsoft Azure technologies convert data into reliable and useful information that helps reduce administration, storage, development, and server costs.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of the elite Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist team, we keep every part of your business working seamlessly.


1. Discuss and identify potential cloud migration or integration opportunities that would improve your supply chain & logistics business efficiency.

2. Discuss how TwoConnect can improve your decision making by providing you with specific answers to your most pressing needs such as:

  • Can modern Microsoft technologies provide seamless Integration between all our trading partners, applications and vendors?
  • Can Microsoft Azure facilitate the exchange of high volume transactions more efficiently?
  • Can TwoConnect leverage modern Microsoft technologies to streamline the development and deployment of RosettaNet standards-based apps?
  • Can Microsoft Azure Event Grid be used to integrate and analyze data distributed across marketing systems, warranty systems, ordering systems, partner and distributor systems, and social media?
  • Can TwoConnect's digital transformation solutions help lower your manufacturing costs and increase productivity?
  • Can modern Microsoft technologies help you manage your inventory more effectively?

These are real problems that we all face. Only now, modern Microsoft technologies and deep analytics allow for direct solutions. You already have the data. TwoConnect know how to unleash it.

3. Understand customer short-term and long-term goals and requirements.

4. Discuss high-level Roadmap and estimated timeline, costs, resources required.

5. Recommendations for possible Proof of Concept or Assessment.