AC3 Well-Architected Review: 3-Wk Review


The AC3 Well-Architected review process allows you to understand possible risks and improve your architecture by addressing any issues before they impact your business and distract your team.

AC3’s Azure Well-Architected Review provides you with an experienced Cloud Certified Professional to review and document one or more workloads in your cloud environment. It provides a written best practice assessment with recommendations and roadmaps to maximise your cloud investment and improve your cloud security awareness.

Our Azure Well-Architected Review will provide qualified and written advice for you to obtain the following advantages:

• Adopt design principles to help you when building for Azure cloud • Learn some key strategies and best practices for architecting in Azure cloud • Measure your architectural drift against these best practices • Improve your architecture by addressing any issues • Build and deploy faster: • By reducing firefighting • Improving capacity management • Identifying, lowering, or mitigating risks • Ensure you have made rationalised architectural decisions that highlight how they might impact your business outcomes • Learn Azure Cloud Service Provider Best Practices; through workshops and the review documentation, enable your teams so they are aware of best practices that we have learned through reviewing a multitude of customers’ architectures.


AC3 will execute a standardised project in accordance with AC3’s project management methods, including the effort for appropriately skilled and experienced project managers and cloud experts.

Project Duration: A minimum of 3 weeks for project completion, with some customer dependencies.

Project Activities:

Identification of workload/s Well-Architected Workshops, covering Azure Workloads: Azure Well-Architected Framework Day 1: Operational excellence, security & reliability Day 2: Performance efficiency, cost optimisation Point-in-time review in line with Cloud Service Provider best practices A written report covering all reviewed areas, with improvement recommendations. Project Deliverables:

Baselined project schedule Project status reporting Raw Well-Architected Review report Cloud Certified Professional written report and presentation