SAP with Azure - 2-week assesment


A quick way to estimate your SAP costs in Cloud

You've been with SAP for ages. Now all you need is to mix it with most suitable cloud solution - Microsoft Azure! VISEO offers you a two-weeks assessment to estimate the costs and risks connected with migrating your SAP workloads to Azure. You might have a different situation and need, namely:

  • Only non-production environments to Azure ;
  • Business Suite to Cloud;
  • Business Suite HANA to Cloud;
  • S4/HANA on Cloud or more – all that is possible, more efficient in terms of costs and secured with Azure!

Format: 3 to 5 workshops of 3 hours with your technical and business teams to identify the best possible scenario.


  • Workshop preparatory document and synthesis;
  • Migration plan;
  • Estimated budget and timing to implement Why VISEO? For over 20 years already, VISEO helps top-rank companies in their big SAP projects and daily operations. We are known best for our understanding of business needs and capability to transform it to performant solutions, notably in retail, transportation and manufacturing industries. Now, with our joint SAP and Azure forces, we are able to simplify your infrastructure with Azure and go beyond it with intelligent clouds of both providers. As a result of this project, you will have a migration plan and optimal architecture tailored to calculation based on your needs."