Cost Optimization: 4-Week Implementation

Visionet Systems Inc.

Delivering complete financial control via intelligent Azure cloud cost-optimization, continuous monitoring, and enhanced predictability.

Do you find tracking and controlling your growing cloud spend challenging and overwhelming? Are you looking to optimize your cloud resources for the best ROI? With the increase in cloud consumption, the need for new and improved approaches to monitor, analyze, and optimize its usage becomes vital to get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. Our Azure-powered cost-optimization methodologies simplify cloud adoption and ensure effective management and high performance.
Your cloud challenges may include:
Increased Costs
Cost increase caused by organizational scale-up and the propositional increase in cloud services consumption.
Single Point of Failure (SPOF)
An organization may face difficulties if the resources needed to manage maintenance scripts are unavailable or limited. It can cause entire cloud infrastructure to collapse - creating a Single Point of Failure.
Cloud Management Complexities
When enterprises manage Azure foundational services, the environment gets more sophisticated. Especially with the addition of more and more applications to the Azure cloud. The furious rate of innovation and provision of new features to configure the infrastructure are increasing the cloud management complexities too.
Immutable Controls
Organizations lack the ability to grant infrastructure control as needed. Without proper immutable controls, the integrity of the data is at the risk of being tempered with or deleted.
Our Solution
By leveraging Azure’s well-defined migration-as-a-service methodology (MaaS), we make multi-cloud management a breeze. Visionet’s Cloud Optimization Services evaluate the cloud environment, report governance gaps, and recommend remediation steps to maximize efficiency.
How do we do it?

  • Catalog the Cloud IaaS and PaaS resources that have been provisioned.

  • Understand the trends of implementation and resources used over time.

  • Recommend
  • Analyze the data and make recommendations with specific measures for lowering the cost of Cloud resources utilization.

  • Implement
  • Prepare the implementation action plan in collaboration with the customer.

  • Optimize budgets and put the ideas into action.

  • Manage
  • Use templated dashboards to enable monitoring and regular evaluation of cloud resource utilization.

  • An ITLT dashboard to evaluate consumption patterns

  • Dashboards at the domain, department, and cost center levels

  • A dashboard for each application

  • Report on application-level recommendations

  • Deliverables
  • Identify underutilized Microsoft azure services and infrastructure to avoid wasting money.

  • Collect data on memory and disc utilization to identify the optimal resource size and reduce Azure storage costs.

  • Make suggestions for the Azure buying strategy.

  • Develop methodologies for lowering transfer costs depending on client scenarios.

  • Consider potential cost reductions by switching to consolidated billing.

  • Take advantage of a free cost-optimization assessment.

  • To keep track of your cloud spending, optimize your IT budget, and review cost constraints.

  • Get a plan for total cost savings and a better understanding of your current Azure configuration.

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