Scoping Workshop by VMware Tanzu Labs

VMware Inc.

Let’s build a plan to tackle what matters most. In our free Scoping Workshop, VMware Tanzu Labs will help you create a plan of action based upon a shared understanding of your goals.

VMware Tanzu Labs Scoping Workshop is a facilitated session designed to go deep on a single, prioritized use case. A typical scoping session can include discussion on:

Project Goals Team Structure and Practices End User Needs Pain Points Technical Discovery

Prior to a scoping session, we will help you identify who should attend. We’ll aim for a small collection of key stakeholders (i.e., architects, platform engineers, networking and security experts, developer operations, app developers, designers, application owners, and business operations.) with strong, diverse perspectives on topics relevant to your project.

During the Scoping Workshop, we’ll work with your stakeholders to understand your organization’s applications, infrastructure, and development practices, as well as your business goals and objectives. We’ll help you identify an area of opportunity for improvement and provide guidance on how to move forward.

After the session, VMware Tanzu Labs will craft a proposal that informs a statement of work and contract for a potential engagement.

We look forward to working with you as you jumpstart your digital transformation with Azure Spring Apps. Contact our team to discuss next steps for your risk-free VMware Tanzu Laps Scoping Workshop.