WatServ IoT Blueprint - Discovery - 4-Wk Workshop

Watserv Inc.

The WatServ IoT Blueprint - Discovery Workshop is 3-4 week structured engagement that will help you get clarity on your next IoT project, using the power of the Microsoft Azure IoT platform.

Why Choose WatServ for your IoT Project

IoT is changing how businesses operate - the possibility to harness massive amounts of data from equipment and systems like never before is game changer for optimizing your business operations. BUT - we know that crafting a solution that fits your businesses uniqure requirements is complex.

This is why WatServ created its IoT Blueprint engagement process - rely on our team of IoT architects and data engineers to rapidly demystify your business challenges and realize your desired outcomes using the Microsoft Azure IoT platform.

Our Solution

Our IoT Blueprint - Discovery Workshop is a 3-4 week consultative workshop led by our Microsoft certified solution architects to help you uncover and clarify your ideal IoT outcomes.  The discovery workshop is also the first step in our overall IoT Blueprint engagement framework (please see the attached slides on this offer).

IoT Blueprint - Discovery Workshop breakdown:

Week 1: Understand and Learn
Our team will conduct a series of interviews with your entire project stakeholder team to gain and document an understanding of your desired outcomes - including detailing out specific use cases. This may also include collecting available data from systems that will be used as part of the analysis.

Week 1-2: Analyze and Assess
We will then begin to analyze and assess your current environment and infrastructure to provide a view into the readiness of implementing a solution based on the Azure IoT platform. Our team will also walk you through the various capabilities of Azure IoT platform services to determine the most suitable options for solutioning.

Week 3-4: Define and Plan Forward
Based on the first two exercises, our team will be provide an expert perspective on the various possible options to begin your IoT journey on Azure to your entire stakeholder team. Once alignment is achieved, our team will provide a proposed plan and a high level solution outline, along with costing estimates for you to consider on your next step.

Areas that we can help with
WatServ has successfully helped various clients deliver on their IoT outcomes, areas that we could help include:
  • Industrial Operations: Manage fleet or assets with automated tracking, real-time feedback and operations oversight
  • Digital Twins: Implement real-time digital counterparts of physical objects or processes to identify problems before they occur
  • Manufacturing: Enable predictive maintenance by combining automated sensors on plant machinery with advanced analytics
  • Property Management: Reduce manual inspection efforts using sensors to monitor air quality, temperature, occupancy and more

Price are estimates and based on specific customer scope - contact us to speak to a WatServ representative to learn more.