Hadoop to Azure Databricks : 2 Wk Assessment

WinWire Technologies

Migrate and Modernize Your Data and Analytics Infrastructure to Drive Business Outcomes

Over the years, enterprises that deployed Hadoop have started facing the challenge of increased cost in scaling up the infrastructure and the complexity in managing the varied workloads that have evolved with multiple toolsets.

Migrate from an on-prem Hadoop environment to a modern cloud data platform, Azure Databricks, addresses the key challenges of performance, varied workloads, and scalability.

Migration-as-a-service (MaaS) Framework is designed to address the migration challenges and address risks by bringing foresight into the migration plan and execution.

Hadoop to Azure Databricks Migration Methodology

  • Analyze - Analyze the current Hadoop Infrastructure, including environment sizing, prioritization, workload inventory, complexities, dependencies, and risks.
  • Architect - Azure services setup for the pilot, data migration approach in the network, security, and define best practices.
  • Pilot - For the identified scope, migrate model, code, and data, automate migration, determine patterns for improvement, incorporate learnings and finalize the migration plan.
  • Migration Waves - Priority-based waves of migration execution, model, workloads & interface objects of Hadoop Setup metadata-driven data lake ingestion process.

Value delivered

  • Utmost precision in project plan with comprehensive assessment of the Hadoop environment on complexity, gaps, and dependencies
  • Optimized data extraction, transfer, & integrated data reconciliation process
  • Pre-built mapping between Hive to Spark SQL, Delta Lake to accelerate migration process
  • Enable newer capabilities like Delta Sharing & Unity Catalog


  • Assessment & review of current Hadoop infra
  • Finalized migration plan & approach
  • Business value summary of migrating to Azure Databricks