Azure Application Development: 4-wk Implementation

Xekera Systems Inc

We offer the best possible experience for you and your customers through our Application development services

We develop mission-critical applications using Microsoft's .NET Framework and other products. As a Microsoft partner, we develop portals, mobile applications, BI tools, chatbots, data analytics, Dynamics CRM, and utilize Azure cloud services for scale and redundancy. Based on our experience in the field of system integration, we can assist all industry verticals with .NET development.

Our Expertise in .NET
  1. Azure Development Services
    On Azure Cloud, we help you create, deploy, host, and manage applications.
  2. Azure Cognitive Services
    Make your apps more user-friendly by incorporating vision, speech, language, and knowledge abilities
  3. Data Storage Application
    Our Microsoft experts can help you choose the right Azure storage service
  4. Universal App Development
    Build a seamless application for all platforms that works on all windows platforms
  5. Distributed Applications
    We will help you architect distributed cloud apps with our Microsoft solutions developer.
  6. Mobility
    Embrace cross-platform collaboration with us to accelerate your projects.
  7. .NET Core
    You can build cross-platform apps at a lower cost with our ASP.NET core MVC developers.
  8. WPF Web Service Development
    Our Microsoft based services- WPF- allow for the creation of a wide range of user interfaces.
  9. Azure AI Services
    Our Azure services let you create smart apps for your data to provide insights.

A cloud-based business model has become the norm in the year 2020. Due to this, cloud migration continues to be one of the top priorities for modern enterprises. Because of these reasons, organizations modernize their on-premises .NET applications with Azure. There are, however, multiple methods to migrate apps to Azure. Our team at Xekera can assist you in developing and migrating your .NET applications and web services. to Azure.