Azure Analytics Assessment

Zure Oy

Provide the necessary information to make the call on the next iteration of your data platform, including the architecture design and budgetary estimates.

The Azure Analytics Assessment by Zure is a 3-5 week project aimed at helping organizations modernize their data platforms or data warehouses using Azure for various data-related capabilities. The assessment involves 2 senior experts and consists of three to five meetings with both business and technical stakeholders. 

The project's deliverables include an Assessment document, which outlines business requirements, users, roles, design principles, ecosystem, high-level architecture, technical use cases, security requirements, and key Azure products. The Roadmap document provides the next steps, schedule, and cost estimates.

The purpose of the assessment is to design a fit-for-purpose data platform scope and vision architecture, understand the cost and schedule of the platform development project, and make informed decisions on the project's next steps.